Eurovision Armenia Nails

A couple of weeks ago I went to Europe. The main goal was to meet up with my friends Lucie and Alex in Malmo, Sweden for EUROVISION! If you don’t know what this is..think of a super campy American Idol where each country sends one participant. Back in the day ABBA and Celine Dion have competed in Eurovision.

I’m half Armenian so I had to support my boys, The Dorians. Here are my Armenian Flag nails. I did these in my hotel room with limited supplies, so they aren’t quite as good as my normal manis but I still love them.

Eurovision Armenia Nails

Here is me and my nails cheering on The Dorians at the Eurovision finals. So glad they actually got to the finals. I thought they were pretty good but not the right kind of music to win Eurovision.


pretty sure I was the only Armenia fan in all of Malmo.