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How to Do Gel Nails at Home

More and more people are doing their nails at home. Everything you need from polishes, gels, and manicure tools are available for purchase on the internet. Not sure how to do your own professional looking manicure and polish at home? There are many sites that have information and guides to show you how to take stunning scenery, shimmering nails at home. Today we show how do your nails yourself; your friends will think you just treated yourself to a polish and manicure at the nail salon.

nail polish at home

Items You Will Need for A Professional Polish Manicure at Home

There are several items you will need to do your gel polish manicure at home:

  • Gel Base Coat
  • Gel Top Coat
  • Nail Cleaner
  • Gel Nail Polish
  • UV Light or LED Light
  • Nail Bonder
  • Cuticle Oil
  • Lint-free nail wipes
  • Fine nail buffer block

Most of these items are available at your nail supply store, like DTK Nail Supply

Proper Application

  • Removal of all nail polish and cleaning the nails thoroughly.
  • Soak your nails in a solution of warm water. This soaking will soften the cuticle area surrounding the nail plate
  • Push the nail cuticle back surrounding the nail plate.
  • With a 240-grit nail file shape the nail.
  • Using a nail buffer block buff, the nail lightly.
  • Using your nail cleaner and a lint-free wipe remove all dust off the nails and wipe the nail with nail cleaner.
  • Apply your nail base coat with a light application making sure to seal the edges of the nail. Be careful that the base coat gel does not touch the cuticle. If the gel does touch the cuticle, later you can remove the residue with a wood cuticle stick.
  • Now it’s time to cure your nails. Place all your fingers in your UV lamp for one minute or LED lamp for thirty seconds.
  • Apply a thin application of kiara sky gel polish Color from cuticle to free edge, making sure to seal the edges.
  • Again, place all your fingers in your UV lamp for two to three minutes or thirty seconds for an LED light.
  • Apply the Gel Polish to the nails again and repeat the drying under your UV lamp or LED light.
  • Using your Gel Polish Top Coat apply a light coat from cuticle to free edge.
  • Place the hands in the UV light for two minutes or thirty seconds for LED light.
  • Remove any tacky top coat residue with nail cleaner and lint-free wipes.
  • Using cuticle oil massage, the cuticle oil to the skin surrounding the nail. This oil keeps the cuticle soft and nourished.


No longer do you have to spend your valuable time and your hard-earned money paying expensive prices to have a great-looking, stunning set of nails. Just follow these suggested steps and before you know it, everyone will be asking what nail salon did your fabulous looking nails! Your friends will be amazed when you tell them you did them at home!

Nail Polish

Are These the Best Nail Care Tips Ever?

1. Try not to wear too tight shoes or any tight footwear.

Shoes that are tight can choke out nails, and can trap sweat and dampness. This is a standout amongst the most vital nail care tips that can help you maintain a strategic distance from diseases.

Before cutting your nails, soak your toes in warm water and salt.

Toenails are super thick and this makes it very difficult to cut them. Your nails will absorb the salt and water, become soft and you can cut them easily.

2. Try not to nibble your nails or the skin around them.

Constantly biting your nails can and the skin around them is awful for two reasons-you are ingesting hurtful microscopic organisms that can get you sick and you are uncovering the sensitive area around your nails to microorganisms that can cause diseases. This can prompt puss development around the nails and difficult contaminations.

3. Do not use nail polish remover more than 3 times a month.

Avoid nail polish removers that have acetone in them. They are a little expensive and you spend more time cleaning your nails with them, but they are much better than the acetone brands. This is because acetone can dry out your nails so it is best you don’t use it

4. Avoid chipping your nail polish off.

Chipping your nail clean is awful for your nails in light of the fact that the dnd nail polish comes out with the nail’s top layer. This will make your nails unhealthy and ugly.

5. Avoid putting your hands in water that is too hot or too cold.

Presently, many individuals will state that dunking your hands in cold or heated water will make your nail polish dry up instantly and will spare you time and persistence. In any case, this can be extremely terrible for your nails and can dry out the skin around your nails. Plunging your fingers in cold water will bring down the blood circulation around your nails and turn them red.

6. Discuss with your doctor about biotin if your nails are thin

As indicated by a few research, biotin supplements can enhance the quality of your nails and avert breakage and splitting. If your nails are exceptionally frail and you figure you aren’t ready to get enough vitamins through your standard eating routine, consider getting some information about biotin supplements.

7. Allow your nails some breathing space sometimes

It’s alright for your nails to be with no polish for a few days. When you choose to spend the end of the week at home watching films or studying, expel the shading from your nails and let them relax for some time. Additionally, endeavour to use nail polish that are transparent and friendly as kiara sky nail polish for a couple of days following quite a while of brilliant shaded nail polishes and nail arts.

8. After filling your nails, wash them.

Subsequent to cutting your nails and filing them, wash them a long time before applying nail clean. The powders from the filled nails will mix up with nails polish and give your nails a messy look. Be that as it may, apply a lotion simply after your sns nails polish is dried up, in light of the fact that applying cream or any sleek substance before applying nail paint will bring about early chipping.

9. After using a sanitizer, use a moisturizer.

It’s imperative that you have a sanitizer in your handbag each time you go outside. A similar way, it’s imperative that you have a little container of cream with you that you can apply on your hands after using the sanitizer. Sanitizers contain a little alcohol and this can dry up your hands. The moisturizer however can deal with this problem

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How Do You Care for Your Feet?

Your feet are two of the most mishandled and frequently utilized parts of the body, what with all the strolling and running that you do all the time. Figure out how to nurture your feet and toenails by having great hygiene, pamper them to recuperate soreness and calluses and getting treatment when necessary.

1. Make a point to wash your feet day by day. Your feet have a tendency to get sweatier and dirtier than different parts of the body, so it’s essential to have great sanitary propensities.

Wash them with cleanser and warm water. This will purge your feet of sweat, dirt and microscopic organisms that could have made there their home. Give extra attention to the spaces in the middle of the toes. Wipe your feet delicately with a towel a short time later.

Keep your toenails spotless too. In the event that you stroll around wearing shoes in the late spring, you may find that your toenails get grimy. Set aside the opportunity to clean them each time you bathe your feet.

2. Saturate your feet daily Put moisturizer or foot cream on them as you do to your body every day. One approach to accomplish delicate, saturated feet is to rub on some jelly before bed, and wear socks. Regularly clean and moisturize the toenails. Use nail polish safely as kiara sky nails

3. Wear the correct footwear for each event. Your feet will remain healthier in the event that you wear legitimate footwear intended to keep your feet perfect, dry and at an agreeable temperature. Just as you wear clothes that keep you comfortable during certain seasons, do the same for your feet

Keep them cool around summer time with shoes and footwear that relaxes. On the off chance that you wear shoes that make your feet sweltering in the summer, you could wind up with bad scent or a contagious contamination.

Wear socks and boots in the winter to keep them warm. On the off chance that you wear shoes that don’t keep your feet sufficiently warm, you’re more inclined to getting frostbite.

4. Eliminate bad smells. Managing bad smells is an issue many individuals confront, since feet deliver more sweat than other parts of the body and tend to harbour microscopic organisms that make an odour.

Try swapping your socks more regularly. On the off chance that your feet tend to sweat a great deal for the duration of the day, carrying an additional socks pair with you could truly diminish the smell that develops.

Keep your shoes clean. Once in a while the scent is more terrible when sweat and microscopic organisms build up in shoes. At that point each time you put them on, the issue is worsened. Wearing socks with your shoes, cleaning them now and again and purchasing new shoes when old pairs wear out are all approaches to ridding smell.

Try to use powder. There are numerous items intended to keep feet dry and smell free. Sprinkle foot powder or talcum or baby powder in your shoes when you’re about wearing them.

5. Always ensure they’re dry. Athlete’s foot and other foot parasite have a tendency to develop in clammy conditions. A couple of changes in your cleanliness routine can keep you from dealing with these unsavoury afflictions, which frequently leads to rashes. To ensure your feet are always dry, do this:

Change your socks regularly. It’s the best aversion strategy for a wide range of foot-related problems, from scent to bacteria. Wearing sodden socks gives the ideal condition for bacteria to develop, so change them frequently, particularly on the off chance that you sweat a considerable measure.

Foot powder is also ideal. Sprinkle it in your shoes regularly to help keep your feet dry and clean.

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Best DIY Guide For Gel Nails

Gel nails are not only great to look at, they also make the nails stronger that you can wear them for even up to two weeks. Many prefer to have them done in the salon. There are those who would rather skip the hassle of waiting for their turn to have their nails done by someone else, nevertheless. If you are one of those who would rather sit at the comfort of your home and have a mani or pedi whenever you want, but is at a lost on how to do gel nails, this guide is for you.

DIY Guide For Gel Nails

You will be surprised how easy it is to do and how amazing your nails will look. This easy to follow quick guide is perfect for both a pro and otherwise. So if you are just beginning to learn how to manage your nails, you can never go wrong with this DIY guide.


Keep your tools within reach and have your nail station ready. With constant and correct practice, you will have perfect nails whenever you want. This DIY is one thing that every woman needs to know.


This is how to do your opi gel polish properly:


1. Find a comfortable place to do your nails. Make sure you are in a well-lit and well-ventilated room but away from the windows where direct sunlight may pass through. The whole process may take up to about an hour for starters. As you become more acquainted with the process, you will find it easier to do next time.

Make sure that the space you will be working on is properly covered. Ensure that you have enough room to turn about and that no furniture and any unnecessary item/s near your workspace.


2. Prepare your nails. The polish will cling on to the nails if their surface were prepared properly for the treatment. If you have cuticles that are a bit hard to push, you may need to soak them in warm water first.

You will use a slanted manicure stick to gently push the cuticles to reveal longer-looking nails and the Lunula, the half-moon shaped area at the base of the nails. This will give you a clean surface that you can cover with your gel nail polish later on.


3. Shape your nails. Using a nail file, shape your nails as you desire. There are different nail shapes that you may choose from (round, square, squoval, oval, stiletto, almond, lipstick, and ballerina). There is just a certain shape that will go well with the size and shape of your fingers, however. The best way to determine the best nail shape for you is to use what will complement your whole hand.


4. Buff your nails. After filing the edges of your nails, you will need to buff the surface of the nails. Make sure that you buff even the sides of the nails and around the nail cuticles. Buffing the whole surface will make it easier for the gel nail to cling on to the nails better and longer.

Once done with buffing, wash your hands with soap and water to remove the remaining dust on your nails. Wipe clean your nails with a gel nail cleanser, then allow the nails to dry for about 15 minutes.


5. Apply the gel primer. Once your nails are ready for coating, you need to apply the gel primer. You will need a full primer coverage depending on the overall health of and oil in your nails. Air dry for about 30 seconds.


6. Apply the base coat. The base coat works like a double-sided tape and makes the nails manicured with gel polish to last longer. The plasticizers in it make the nails flexible and the cellulose chemicals incorporated in it make the gel polish to stick well to it and the nails.

You won’t need to worry if the polish won’t be leveled the first time you swipe your nail with the nail polish brush. There are so many gel nail polish brands that are made to be self-leveling. This will give you an even finish with each application without the presence of any brush strokes.

You need to do all fingers, except the thumb, before placing all four fingers under the LED lamp to cure. All fingers will cure after 15 seconds.


7. Apply the nail polish color. The number of color coating you will need will depend on how you would like your gel nail color to look on your nails. For quite a solid finish, you may need up to three coats of the same sns nail colors. Once done, cure the nails (the four fingers first, then the two thumbs) for a full 30 seconds.


8. Apply the top coat. There are brands that have both the top and the base coat in one bottle. If you pick one in this formula, you will need to cover your nails with the same coat for the last time. Curing period for the top coat is 15 seconds.


Once done, just make sure that there is no polish over the edges of the cuticle. If you find traces of the polish on them, just tidy with the manicure stick and you are done.

Nail Art

Sparkly Sunset Mani

This photo doesn’t do justice to how amazingly sparkly this mani is in the sunlight. I did a sponge ombre using Zoya  and Zoya Mimi. Love i!

Sparkly Sunset Mani

I picked up both polishes from the clearance aisle in Ulta for $5 each. No idea why they’re one clearance – they are amazing!

Nail Polish

Essie Neon 2013 Collection

Essie just announced their summer 2013 collection – Neons!  Part of me is like neons are so last summer, and part of me is like OMG I want them all!  I’ll be interested in seeing these in person since they seem like they are a lot less bright then other neons I’ve seen.  I’m very keen to get my hands on DJ Play That Song and Saturday Night Fever.



Mini Mac Haul

Last weekend while my friend Leslie was visiting, we hit up the Portland MAC store over on NW 23rd. I needed to replace my Blot powder and I had 6 MAC containers to Back to MAC so a peachy lipstick was on my list.

Here’s my little MAC haul:

Mini Mac Haul

I ended up with Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, concealer and my free lipstick in Vegas Volt. Leslie bought 2 lipsticks. Ruby Woo and a nudish shade. I was very happy about the service, which in my experience is very hit or miss.  I was wearing jeans and a hoodie and no makeup and still got helped right away.

The saleswoman pulled out about 10 lipsticks for me to try before I found what I was looking for. It’s maybe a bit more orange than I was looking for, but I think what I saw in my head wasn’t what really worked for me. I’m very happy with my purchases.

Nail Art

Eurovision Armenia Nails

A couple of weeks ago I went to Europe. The main goal was to meet up with my friends Lucie and Alex in Malmo, Sweden for EUROVISION! If you don’t know what this is..think of a super campy American Idol where each country sends one participant. Back in the day ABBA and Celine Dion have competed in Eurovision.

I’m half Armenian so I had to support my boys, The Dorians. Here are my Armenian Flag nails. I did these in my hotel room with limited supplies, so they aren’t quite as good as my normal manis but I still love them.

Eurovision Armenia Nails

Here is me and my nails cheering on The Dorians at the Eurovision finals. So glad they actually got to the finals. I thought they were pretty good but not the right kind of music to win Eurovision.


pretty sure I was the only Armenia fan in all of Malmo.