Everything You Need to Know about the Best Dipping Powder Manicure Process

If you are a fashionista, there is a great chance that you are into manicure and nail art as well, as a good manicure serves as an extension of your fashion sense. And let’s all agree on the following flawless nails can make your entire personality pop. If you have been a die-hard fan of gel nails or generic acrylic nails before, maybe, it is time to try out the power of dipping nail powder.

If you use social media and cannot get enough of the uploaded stories of your favorite influencers, you might have come across the application process of the best dipping powder. While these videos can be extremely satisfying, one might wonder what makes dipping nail powder a good manicure choice. How is a dipping nail powder manicure different from the OPI gel manicure or acrylic nails?

If you have been wondering about the same, you are here at the right place. Let us go through everything you need to know about the best dipping powder manicure process.

What Are Dip Powder Nails?

Sometimes, dipping nail powder is also referred to as nail manicure. As indicated by the terminology of the dip powder nails, this kind of manicure requires a dipping technique where the nail is dipped into the colored powder of your choice. The final application is of a clear sealant to ensure that the nails don’t break and that the manicure lasts four weeks.

If you were to ask a nail polish expert, they would tell you that dipping nail powder combines OPI gel nails (due to their flexibility) and acrylic nails (due to the durability of the best dipping powder). You might be surprised to know that not many people are aware of SNS dipping nail powder despite the fact that these manicure options have been around us since the 1980s.

How Does Dipping Nail Powder Work?

The best part about the best dipping powder is that the application process isn’t difficult, and you can DIY at home if you aren’t a fan of hitting the nearest nail salon each month. While the application process of the best dip powder might differ with each salon, the typical application steps include the following:

Prep Your Nails

Your nails are your canvas, which is why you will have to prep the canvas by cleaning it and removing any moisture, oil, and dust. After you have cleaned your nails from oils and dirt, proceed to push back your cuticles and clip off any hangnails. Lastly, use a file to buff the nail plate.

Create the Base

After you have prepared your nails and the canvas is ready, the subsequent step includes the application of a bonder. Choose the powder color of your choice and prepare your nail to be dipped into the powder. Applying the bonder ensures that the powder sticks to the nails and doesn’t get lifted during the application process.

Use a brush to apply the base like any other nail polish. Make sure to cover the entire nail. Tilt your nail at a certain angle and dip it into the dipping jar/ tray of powder. Repeat the process for each nail. Also, make sure to tap off the excess powder. Repeat the process for each nail a few more times until you reach your required color intensity and opacity.

It is important to mention that some dipping powders are denser than others and might only need two dips for each nail. If the nails are long, you might need to dip them into the powder five times until you reach your desired results.

Go For the Top Coat

The final step of applying the best dipping powder is to apply the topcoat. The purpose is to harden the dipping powder and save the nails from becoming brittle. This step is also important to ensure that the manicure lasts for a longer time, at least four weeks. Before applying the topcoat, you should ideally wait for a few minutes before shaping your nails and filing them to the desired shape. Only go for the top coat when you are perfectly satisfied with the shape of your nails.

Important Note: if this is your first time opting for the dipping nail powder manicure, and you are visiting the nail salon for this purpose, make sure that the nail technician doesn’t dip your nails into the powder jar for obvious hygienic reasons. On the contrary, make sure that the nail technician uses a separate brush to apply the powder directly onto your nails.

Final Thoughts

If you are someone who likes their manicure to last longer without causing brittle nails, then dipping nail powder is your best choice. Not only are dipping powder nails more durable, but these can be done at home since they don’t require UV lights.