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Morse mani

Morse Mani

A couple of weeks ago I went to Sally and picked up 6 of the new Holographic collection. They are pretty dope, …


Jewel Tone Fishtail Mani

I packed up all of my nail art stuff for my cross country move almost a month ago. So when Thanksgiving came …


Chevron Nails

I was in Target yesterday and they had a whole display out of the Essie Poppy*Razzi collection…which came out months ago! I’d …


Pink & Green Ruffle Mani

If you have a dotting tool and a lot of time on your hands you might want to give this Ruffle mani …


Ombre Mani

Ombre nails have been all the rage in the past few weeks. I’ve seen several different techniques using sponges, but an animated …