Pink & Green Ruffle Mani

f you have a dotting tool and a lot of time on your hands you might want to give this Ruffle mani a try. I’ve seen similar things before, but I loved Chalkboard Nails version so I was inspired to actually do it.

It’s an easy, but time consuming manicure. The nature of the design is very forgiving to mistakes and even my right hand turned out well.

Pink & Green Ruffle Mani

You definitely want to choose a large dotter. I went with my second largest, and I regret not using the big one. About halfway through doing this I was wishing my nails were shorter!

You should also be aware of the colors you are using. My mystery Essie pink is a bit sheer and didn’t turn out so well when I used it over Sew Psyched.


  • Essie Jamaica Me Crazy
  • Essie color unknown (bright pink jelly, maybe Pansy?)
  • Essie Forget Me Nots
  • OPI Pink Friday


  • OPI Stranger Tides
  • Essie Sew Psyched

Holo Laser Nails

When I was in London, I picked up a 3rd BarryM polish just because it was buy 2 get 3.  The freebie was this Black Multi Color..which is really a black with holographic glitter in it. The polish really reminds me of a starry sky. It is lovely. You need 2 coats to get the full depth of glitter and a nice glossy topcoat.

Holo Laser Nails

Was that enough for me? Obviously not!

I grabbed some of the Born Pretty nail art tapes and chose 3 of the holographic colors. I wanted freakin’ laser beams on my nails.  No sharks, though.

I really love how this turned out.  LASERS!

It was hard to get a good photo of the holographicness of the glitter in the black polish. I know it looks silver, but I promise it’s not! The top photo comes the closest.

Even my mom, who hates black nail polish, though this mani was cool.

Stamping fun

Now that my nails are short again I can finally do some stamping and try out those BarryM foils I bought in London.

The stamp is from one of the big Cheeky plates. It doesn’t quite cover my whole nail so I did the blue swoop. I am very happy with how the BarryM  Foil worked with the stamps! All of my gold polishes aren’t nearly opaque enough, but this turns out beautifully! Which, of course, is what I expected to see after all of Nailasaurus’s stamping manis.

On a side note, dark colors are a pain to do cuticle clean up on.

Stamping fun

Base: Catrice Pimp My Shrimp
Stamp: BarryM Foils Gold
Blue: China Glaze Check Mate

Catrice Genius in the Bottle Swatches

My friends recently went back to Poland to do some family stuff and she brought me back some goodies! Among them were 2 Catrice Cosmetics polishes. I’ve never heard of the brand before but they sure are pretty! Here are swatches of Genius in a Bottle, which is a Chanel Peridot dupe.

Catrice Genius in the Bottle Swatches

It’s sooo pretty. Genius in a bottle is a green/gold duochrome with decent coverage in 2 coats and full fancy coverage in 3. I’m not sure if Catrice is available anywhere in the US, but I looked up their parent company and it’s the same company that makes Essence.


Honestly this polish is gorgeous! I can’s stop looking at my nails. Speaking of which…did you notice how short they are now! It’s weird, but it makes typing on my phone much easier.