Keeping the Nails Healthy with Gel Nail Polish

There are lots of fine products that you could use if you plan to beautify your nails. Also, without these materials, you could maintain your natural nail beauty and watch as it grows naturally with little or no stress at all. Some of these nail care gadgets might have negative reactions on your hands which is why it is always advisable to always learn about whatever you plan to apply to your nail.

Not using any manufactured material can provide an avenue for your nails to grow naturally with adequate ventilation and room for essential nutrients to keep them soft, healthy, and look more beautiful.

However, you can still decide to add some simple products like gel nail polish to provide more nutrients. Note that these gel polishes unlike other products ensure to keep the nail soft, nutrient-rich, healthy while also providing more beauty.

What are gel polish nails?

Most nail experts refer to the process of applying gel polish nails as a gel manicure. This also refers to a simple way of keeping yourself beautiful without much expense or luxury. People have learned to adopt this approach of nail beautification because apart from providing essential nutrients for nail growth, it makes the owner look simple and classy. You can go to the closest nail store near you and demand a sample of your preferred nail gel polish.

Some brands provide kits with their packages to make it easier for users to be able to beautify their nails at home with no hassle. These kits are simple, classy, and carefully selected as how each brand product is used. To pick the best gel polish kit for your nails, you can book a session with a nail expert or make your research.


Interesting Facts About SNS Dip Powder

In the world of beauty, a neat set of flawless nails attracts everyone around you. The era of trending fashion has gone beyond the use of exotic clothes and shoes. Dip powder is not new in the fashion industry, and it has only come into the limelight recently. Dip powder is taking over the trend from acrylic extension and gel polish. Dip powder nails are mostly called SNS nails.

It entails plunging your nails into pigmented powder and applying a clear sealant to its top. It comes in different brands; some are lighter than others. With SNS powder nails, your choice of color is infinite.

Dip powder treatment can hold for about four weeks. The least you can go is three weeks.

Outstanding facts you need to know about dip powder and nails.

Dip powder shields you away from the use of LED or UV light cure. It will adorn your nail with colored and durable powder. The treatment method can vary from one salon to another, but generally, here are things you can expect.

Your nails need to be cleaned and filed before any other step.  You should completely wipe out excessive polish and oils.


Exciting Hacks You Would Love to Try with DND Nail Polish

Wearing the same gel polish design can get monotonous. You need to have spice in your designs for people to admire your creativity. Here are a couple of exciting DND gel polish colors hacks you should not be afraid to try out. Besides making a strong fashion statement, you could set the trend for others to follow.

Paper Transfer Nail Art Design

You would have tried out various designs to make your gel manicures different from the others. The most common among these designs are the flower designs. Women love flowers, and hence, these designs are popular among women of all ages.


3 Jaw-Dropping Ways to Wear Marble Nails Using Nail Dipping Powder

Marble nails are the latest trend in nail fashion and when we say marble nail, it is safe to say that it is a work of art. The design might look very complicated but the truth is, you can achieve this look even without visiting the nail salon. Marble nails can be worn in any color and shapes and if you are looking for new designs to try, we have something for you.

Marble Nails Using Nail Dipping Powder

These designs features glitters and different colors, because why not? Glitters can turn something from dull to fabulous and there is no overdoing so let’s get started with those elegant metallic designs.

  1. Golden Marble Nail Design

Marble itself is elegance enough but if you put a touch of gold in it? That is extravagant. You don’t need to coat the entire nail bed with gold, just splatter a little using a fan brush and fasten it with LDS Liquid Sealer Dry. Create marble veins using black and white polish and you now have an expensive looking marble nail design on your hands.